Fun And Creative Ways To Keep Your Child Busy For Hours At Home

Dressing up a child’s bedroom wall can add personality, creativity, and fun to their space. Here are some unique ways to decorate and dress up a child’s bedroom wall:

Art attack

Chalkboard walls are a lot of fun and surprisingly not that much work! Grab some chalkboard paint from your nearest hardware store, and paint a section of the wall with to create an interactive space for your child to draw, write, and express their creativity. They can change their artwork frequently and have fun with chalk, keeping them busy for hours.

You can also add to this by creating a gallery wall where you can display your child’s artwork, photographs, or framed prints. Mix and match different frames and sizes to create an eclectic and personal display that showcases their creativity and memories.

Or, encourage your child’s creativity by making DIY wall art together. Create paintings, collages, or mixed-media artwork using their handprints, footprints, or favorite craft materials. Frame and hang their creations to showcase their artistic talents. A cool way to create unique and personalized designs is by using string art techniques. Hammer nails in the shape of an image or letters on the wall and then wrap colorful threads or yarn around them to create intricate and visually appealing designs.

Everyone loves a good storage space, and you can add one by means of creativity, where colorful fabric pockets or hanging baskets can provide practical and decorative storage for toys, books, or stuffed animals. If you’ve never heard of magnetic paint, now’s your sign to look into it. This paint allows your child to display their artwork, photos, and notes using magnets. It’s an interactive and changeable display option. You can also use magnetic panels on a section of the wall.

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